Recap of my 2015 season

The French Lead Nationals was the key point of the year because of the selections for the international season. With a 4th place finish and my selection into the Elite French team, I could finally relax and get ready for the upcoming World Cups.
The first two World Cups went really well. I made my first WC final in Briançon and unexpectedely finished in 4th place. It was amazing!

Mathilde_Brianc╠ºon_e╠üte╠ü_2015_003Mathilde_Brianc╠ºon_e╠üte╠ü_2015_007After Briançon, it got a bit dark…A wave of fatigue surprisingly hit me mid July – mid August. As a result: a tedious climbing style, poor sensations and a big lack of fun while climbing 🙁 Given the circumstances, I started questionning myself and had many doubts concerning my abilities and even the training I had done until then.20769197236_daa9749fd5_o

After having a very bad experience in Imst, physically and mentally, I had no choice but to find a different mental approach towards competitions.
I came to realize that it didn’t matter that I wasn’t feeling 100% as long as I climbed efficiently and with determination.
This state of mind is what saved me in Stavanger, Norway. Even though I still felt far from my top level, I switched my mindset to “warrior” mode and got ready to fight my hardest. I had decided that I wasn’t going to let my lack of self confidence ruin my competition. It worked: in semi finals I had the biggest fight I have ever put myself through and finished in 9th place, a “+” away from finals.

Demi-finale StavangerI proved to myself for the first time that overthinking endurance and sensations, although appearing as such key elements, was for me detrimental. This was a big step in my progression.

Photo 20-08-2015 02 54 05Once that whole concept sank in, I felt much better.
With a much calmer state of mind and with a main goal of having fun, I made my second final at the last stage of the World Cup in Kranj, Slovenia. This competition was definitely the best one of my season. I enjoyed every movement of each route and finally felt like myself again. Such a nice way to finish up the season!
Photo 15-11-2015 23 58 41

In the end, 2015 was a great year. I learned so much about myself and about the importance of having fun while competing. Even though I had some rough times, I am today very happy of my evolution as a climber but also as a person.
Photo 05-09-2015 10 52 44Last but not least, I reached a goal that I’ve always dreamed about by placing in the top 10th in the 2015 World Cup Ranking 😀

Here is the video of my first World Cup final – Briançon 2015 – 4th place

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