French Lead Nationals 2015

As you may know, last weekend took place the French Lead Nationals in Gemozac, France.
Mur Gémozac

After training for months, I was really excited about this comp especially that it was the opportunity to get selected in the French Team for the international season. The criterias were: for the reserve team = make finals at nationals, for the elite team = be in the top 5.

For the past two years I didn’t succeed at Nationals. The first time my hand slipped which expelled me from the French Team and therefore any World Cup (but I met my current trainer thanks to this). The second time I just really screwed up in semis and didn’t make finals, which really sucked.

So obviously I was quite nervous about this comp…but everything was different this year, I’ve been mentally and physcially very well prepared. 

Anyway, let’s now talk about the actual competition. The qualifiers were good but not that easy: one technical route in vertical and another one more basic in the overhang part. In the end, 13 women topped both qualifiers.


The semi final route that I was quite scared about was in the end very simple and without any trap. It was basic power endurance with just one crux move – the last one. After spending 3h30 in isolation, being sometimes stressed and sometimes confident, I managed to climb my best (although overgripping everything) and fell at the last move which placed me in 2d place just behind Julia Chanourdie.


The one word I could use to desribe the feeling that followed is : RELIEVED!! In France we usually say “never two without three”, well not this time… 😛


From there, it was all bonus for me because I knew for sure that I would be able to participate in the World Cups. Main goal achieved! I was then able to relax and enjoy the finals route, which was once again very varied with a first technical part, then power endurance and finally a roof. Unfortunately a really (really!) tricky move in the roof made me fall earlier than I wanted and I finished at the 4th place behind Charlotte Durif, Julia Chanourdie and Alizée Dufraisse. I was still happy with my climb but would’ve just liked to climb more 🙂


The level here at French Nationals was defenitely very high. Although the podium was close, I am really happy that I got my selection in the French Elite Team! I am so relieved and I can now calmly think about the international season. Here is a short recap of finals:

Like always, a big thank to my friends, my coach, my family and my amazing boyfriend for their support <3!

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